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Custom made for your restaurants

An good restaurant menu combines a well-planned layout, well-written descriptions and correct pricing. It will avoid over-crowded layouts, lengthy descriptions and overzealous graphics. It must be current (frequently updated) and reflect your restaurant’s theme.

Because it is so personalised, we recommend designing the menu yourself. There are countless options available online today to make even the most computer illiterate person a design genius. Imenupro or Canva are 2 great examples. Other companies like Photoshop even offer YouTube tutorials (Here!). And of course don’t forget good old Microsoft – their packages  are simply loaded with templates for you. Click HERE for some more great and useful hacks.

Opening up a restaurant? Take a few mminutes to watch this video – it’s really worth it!

Stop and watch first!

Take a pen, paper, plug in your headphones, sit down and brace yourself for this videos. (apologies for Gary’s language, but it is a must watch!)